What is ReallyThere?

We are a provider of 3D Integrated Tours designed to give the feeling of being ReallyThere. We also provide 2D floor plans and 3D flythrough videos to fully appreciate the property or space captured.

How does ReallyThere work?

We use cutting edge 3D infra-red camera technology to scan a 360 degree space. We progressively work through the area strategically placing the camera to enable the images to be stitched together. Once all the desired area is scanned, all of the stiched images are pulled together to enable the 3D model to be created. The result is a seamless, immersive and fun experience. 

Why is this different to Video or other 3D photography?

Because the 3D Camera uses infrared technology, the interior space and floor plan can be accurately measured. Also, the movement and view of what you are seeing is not “fish-eyed” or “stilted” like many other video or 3D pictures. The user experience is far superior and enjoyable as you walk seamlessly through the captured space as if you are ReallyThere™. 

Which browsers are compatible with the 3D Showcase?

On desktop computers, ReallyThere™ is supported by the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. On mobile devices, ReallyThere™ is supported by Safari for iOS 8 and Chrome for Android. 

How do I navigate through rooms?

To navigate on a desktop use the arrow keys, to view the floor or ceiling click and drag up or down. To navigate on a smart phone or tablet just tap to move forward, simply swipe left and right or up and down for different views of each space. 

What is the dollhouse view?

Click on the dollhouse icon to see the house from a birds eye view. To show all floors click on the floor toggle icon. 

What is the floorplan view?

View realistic floorplans by clicking the floorplan icon. Simply click the up or down arrow on the floor toggle icon to view each floors floor plan. 

How long does it take to scan?

It takes between 1- 6 hours depending on the size of the space. Typically a 1,000 sqft space takes 1 hour, through to 6 hours for an 8,000 sqft space.

What is the turnaround time?

48 hours for the 3D tour and  72 hours for the floor plan.

Can this be used outside?

Yes, but there needs to be outside walls where the infrared light can bounce off, and it needs to be low lighting, preferably at dusk. 

How can I assure my clients privacy?

ReallyThere™ operates as ‘white glove’ service ensuring clients privacy is respected at all time, from before entering the property, during and after. All personal pictures or items are removed from view of the photography. All of our employees are bound by non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

How can ReallyThere help me with my business? (Or get more leads?)

Research shows that 3D video tours are becoming a vital part of the listing process not only domestically but internationally. You will be able determine how much time a potential buyer has spent on a webpage, and where these viewers are coming from. Our 3D tours, floor plans, and exhaustive analytics will allow you to transform your business and transcend traditional models with a true competitive edge.

Can I embed my ReallyThere video on my personal listing page?

Yes, we provide both a URL and embedded code for you add to any webpage. You can also share the URL individually or to select pre-approved clients. 

Please visit our contact page for any additional questions not answered on this page.