This Rotating Apartment Allows Everyone to Have the Perfect View

Its always been known that nice views add value to a property and create competitive bidding for prime space in high-rises.  To avoid the inevitable divide between buildings, industrial designer Shin Kuo has concepted a solution—a building with rotating units that provide 360-degree views for all. Kuo's concept, "Turn to the Future," stacks apartments on a central pillar and spins units in a spiral (speed isn't specified). Kuo's moving apartments provide a nice, not to mention consistent, change of scenery.

This far-out idea should please fans of sustainability—it includes solar panels and a regenerative braking system—as well as amusement rides. Not surprisingly, the concept of an apartment that moves is not so simple. Each home's gas and electric lines would have to detach before moving and reattaching at their new location. When each apartment reaches the lowest slot, a crane whips it up to the very top of the building. Now, writes Kuo, "all people who live in the city will have a chance to enjoy the high quality of living spaces and share the equal view of their city and landscape."