China to Build World’s Tallest Skyscrapers

The world’s tallest skyscrapers could be built in Wuhan, China. British architectural firm Chetwoods proposed Phoenix Towers – iconic landmark within an earnest environmental master plan for the capital of central China. At one kilometer high, the Phoenix Towers will be the tallest pair of buildings in the world. Arching bridge-like over the surrounding boulevards, each tower will have a unique personality and attributes: the Feng tower will lean towards the commercial zone, the Huang tower towards the cultural and recreational zone.

The project’s key emphasis is on the balanced combination of 21st century Western technological know-how and experience with Chinese tradition and culture. In response to the Client’s wish to develop a new style of architecture that emphasizes Chinese identity, the use of a pair of towers reflects the dualist elements of Chinese culture in contrast to a more Western monolithic form.

The scheme will provide the environmental catalyst to re-invigorate the city, actively avoiding the disastrous consequences of developments elsewhere in China. Environmental features used in design include thermal chimneys; suspended air gardens; wind turbines; water harvesting/recycling and hydrogen fuel cells at ground level. The towers will generate their own power requirement while contributing to the surrounding district.