The New York Times Presents its First Virtual Reality Film

The New York Times is adding virtual reality to its arsenal of video content as it races to increase digital revenues.

The Times debuted its inaugural virtual reality film, "Walking the City." early this week. The five-minute short goes behind the scenes of the making of the latest New York Times Magazine cover,(attendees viewed the film using virtual reality headsets) including a stomach-dropping shot from a helicopter high above a massive Flatiron District art installation. You can view a time-lapse here

Times Magazine editor Jake Silverstein said the Times has "big plans" for integrating virtual reality into its content. "We think the journalistic potential of this emerging technology is huge,"

"Walking New York, was created by TED Prize winner JR. It shows a 20-year-old man in a hoodie and jeans, walking through New York City. What makes this so special? The image is 150 feet tall and pasted on a plaza near the Flatiron Building. Cabs and cars flow around him while pedestrians scamper past.

 For the cover, JR photographed 16 people who arrived in New York within the last 365 days. While living in New York part-time for the past four years, the artist has found himself intrigued with immigration and origins.

“The first question we ask you when you get to the city is where you’re from,” says JR. “That’s something really special.