Case Study House #25 is for Sale in Long Beach

There are roughly 20 houses left in greater Los Angeles that were built under Arts & Architecture's Case Study House program, which ran from the late-1940s to the mid-1960s and made Southern California the epicenter of Modernist residential architecture. The Case Study Houses were intended to be relatively affordable for the middle-class, and replicable for post-War family living, with an emphasis on new materials and new techniques in house construction. Architects included the still-widely-remembered Charles Eames and Richard Neutra.  Most of the survivors are still private residences and we don't often get a look inside, but recently Case Study House #25, or the Frank House, designed by Killingsworth, Brady, Smith and Associate and built in 1961, has come up for sale with a full gallery of photos.

Its A&A feature from 1962 says that "while unique in many ways," the architecture still had to grapple with a site "very typical of the usual mundane urban condition," and it compensates for a small lot by "turning in upon itself, creating its own singular quiet and seclusion."

The man who commissioned the house was a bachelor, but asked for a family house that could provide both privacy and lots of entertaining space, and he wanted the living room and master bedroom both to take advantage of the canal views. This house can be yours for $2.549 million.