A Modernist Treehouse in Norway

Todd Saunders, founder of Saunders Architecture and creator of the Fomo Island Inn took on the greatest design challenge yet: building the perfect home for himself and his family. The result, a haute Modernist treehouse, nestled in a leafy grove just outside Bergen, Norway, the country's western seaside shipping hub. Clad in striking blackened-timber, Villa S,as it's been dubbed, is a three-story dwelling marked by a long second floor perched on a podium-like ground-level that makes it appear to float off the lush site. Broad windows on the second story let in the sun, and the interiors (done in collaboration with designer Hannes Wingate) are as crisp as precise as you'd expect from a Scandinavian designer. 

As children many of us dreamt of tree-houses like those in Swiss Family Robinson and Peter Pan, but this is a tree house re-imagined by an architect whose married whimsy with form and function.