Australian Architect Builds Eco-Conscious Prefab Home

Ecoshelta is a series of modular, demountable prefab homes with timber frames and corrugated-metal siding and roofs that can be specified in a variety of styles. The Ecoshelta building system was designed by Stephen Sainsbury, a Sydney based architect so that all timber frames are "extendable, demountable, relocatable, robust and long lived."

The Ecoshelta system has been developed over the last three decades as an environmentally responsible alternative in response to the rapidly emergent new technologies making prefabricated modular building systems the way of the future, and the now. The system uses advanced design and the latest technologies to produce an environmentally minimal impact, rapidly deployable buildings for cabins houses and ecotourism ventures.

Different customized versions have been used for everything from little cabins to entire resorts. And given conditions in Australia, they are cyclone proof and bushfire rated.