Google Unveils Brillo: An OS for Your Home

Late last month at Google I/O, the company announced Brillo, the "underlying operating system for the internet of things". Senior VP Sundar Pichai described it as “Android, polished down… an end-to-end functioning operating system.”

But Brillo isn’t just Brillo—it’s also Weave, a communication layer that will enable IoT devices to talk to one another, the cloud, and of course, your phone. Pichai says Weave gives the growing world of connected, smart devices a common language. The actions each of these things is responsible for—smart ovens change temperatures, smart doors unlock and lock—won’t be so singular. Weave wants to make it so these devices aren’t linked only to your phone, but to one another as well. Weave exposes developer APIs in a cross-platform manner, so any connected device will speak the same language.

“Weave is available cross-platform,” said  Pichal. “You can have Brillo and Weave together or you can have Weave alone.” There will also be voice interface, so that when you talk your refrigerator will listen.

For instance, a trash bin could tell the council or city when it is full and needs collecting, rather than just on a set schedule. A fridge could detect when the milk is empty and order another gallon. A heating or air conditioning system could track its owner and only turn on when they are on their way home.