Rome's New Towers Draw Inspiration from its Ancient Architecture

Studio Libeskind has revealed the design of three office towers for the city center of rome, forming a new, urban district adjacent to the A.S. Roma Stadium. Sited at the heart of the planned Tor Di Valle Business District, the trio of structures work in conversation with one another, as if cut from a single stone block. The volumes fit together like building blocks, forming a composition of elements that act both in tandem with one another and alone. Arranged in a triangular formation upon a 3,000 square-meter public piazza, the towers — which vary in height up to 220 meters — are landscaped with lush vegetation and reflecting pools. 

The towers are clad in a mesh of opaque panels that break up their glazed façades. Folded glass panes reveal huge garden expanses containing multi-level spaces for work, recreation and events. these atrium-like spaces provide unobstructed views of the city and the central piazza, also working to regulate the room climate through natural shading, air filtering and circulation.
The first tower features two vertical gardens on opposite sides —  providing for office layouts and work areas. At street level, all buildings provide amenities such as cafes and shopping.
"Making an architectural contribution to the eternal city is a treasured opportunity,’ Daniel Libeskind said in a recent press release. ‘Rome will have a world-class business park connected to the stadium that will provide a vibrant, sustainable, neighborhood in this ancient city."